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About Us

YESHUA Skin is an online beauty boutique and local service provider located in the greater Toronto area (Mississauga) providing beauty services for weddings, graduations, special occasions, and media productions. In addition to providing beauty services, YESHUA Skin also sells vegan and botanical cosmetics.

Robin N. Wright, a makeup artist by trade, founded YESHUA Skin after being inspired by her professional career as a Makeup Artist and her Christian faith. Creating a line of products that would enhance her clients' skin was her mission to help them feel confident, joyful and look their most beautiful. With natural-based products and modern styling, YESHUA Skin enhances each wearer's unique beauty by giving them a radiant glow.


The unique combination of YESHUA Skin's products and services creates a truly exceptional experience for its customers. With our vegan and botanical makeup line, we strive to eliminate harmful ingredients in our products while caring for the environment through sustainable shipping and manufacturing practices.

Confident Portrait

Meet The Founder

2021-05-09, 2_50_10 p.m..jpeg
"I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today's crazy world; your personality, your sense of style, and most importantly, your heart."

Robin N. Wright

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