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Welcome to YESHUA Skin Cosmetics – Where Beauty Meets Conscious Choices

Discover the essence of luxurious beauty with YESHUA Skin Cosmetics, your premier destination for exquisite vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics in Canada. Explore our meticulously crafted range of makeup and skincare essentials, infused with the goodness of natural ingredients. From flawless foundations to vibrant lipsticks, and from nourishing skincare to professional-grade tools, we offer everything you need to elevate your beauty routine.

a group of women with different skin tones and colors
a group of women with different skin tones and colors

Our mission

To empower individuals to embrace their unique beauty with conscious choices, delivering high-performance makeup and skincare solutions that nurture both skin and spirit.

Our vision

To redefine the Canadian beauty landscape with a commitment to ethical practices, uncompromising quality, and a celebration of diversity.

a woman with a flower in her hair
a woman with a flower in her hair

Experience the YESHUA Skin Cosmetics difference.

Embrace the beauty of conscious choices, and elevate your routine with our thoughtfully curated collections.

Proudly based in Mississauga, Ontario, we are committed to setting new standards for beauty excellence in Canada.

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